The Polish fashion market redefined


The Polish fashion market is one of the most promising markets in Europe, gaining more and more economical importance as it is rapidly developing. According to predictions, the dynamics of the Polish market for shoes and clothes will stay above 5% up until the end of 2020. 


New technologies and product innovation


The Polish fashion market is becoming more and more diversified. Sportswear and thermal underwear are on track to becoming the two new product categories that will gain visibility in the Polish clothing industry. The estimated value of this market is over 2 billion euros. As well as womenswear which dominates the market, workwear is also a very important clothing sector in Poland, most importantly firemen, miner and mechanics uniforms but also office-wear. Polish clothing manufacturers offer a few “smart clothes,” in very appealing and creative designs that have taken international markets by storm.

Polish Fashion


Poland is a leader in shoe and jewellery production


Shoes are another very important export for Poland. This is due to the volume of production and technological advances that has been implemented in the production and sale process. Polish shoe brands are not only developing in Europe but in other countries too, such as United Arab Emirates, Kuwaït, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. 


Poland is also a giant in the jewellery sector, in both silver and amber. Their products are an uncontested symbol of Polish jewellery, which is currently combining new industrial technology with traditional craftsmanship as well as old technology and manual labour by qualified artisans. Polish Fashion 2


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