Opposing attitudes and values. Clashing codes. Seniors who seize the codes of the youth while the generation Z balks at clichés. Here are the 3 F/W17 trends decoded by NellyRodi.


1.Binge or sober

Binge or be sober, that is the question, and although each attitude has its radical defenders and savvy disciples, above all there exists a mass of consumers who spend their time in a giddy merry-go-round between one and the other…


Has age become more than just a number in the decade of 2010? Such a question seems to indicate that society has shifted into the era of “post-age”…
Flourishing, barely 25 year-old entrepreneurs who converse with their stockholders when traditionally they should still be trainees. An everyday aesthetic that has become exceptional.


Nowadays a season’s runway shows may present full fifties skirts by some designers and sixties mini-dresses, seventies kaftans or Victorian blouses by others. And between the short and the long, the transparent and the covered-up: everything is possible!

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© Grégoire Alexandre et Romain Bernardie James