Face up to winter and the gloomy weather with style and elegance!

Arm yourself with innovative materials that combine resistance and technology to protect you from the cold, the winds and the storms.




Prêt pour Partir – Who’s Next – Fame – Hall 2.2

Raincoats, trench-coats or parkas, Prêt pour Partir sells refined and elegant products to protect men and women in stormy weather!
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Fjällraven – Who’s Next – Hall 4

For the perfect summer or winter walk you need the perfect equipment; choose Fjällraven to get the perfect combination of comfort, style and innovation. 
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Mycra Pac - Image 3

Mycra pac – Who’s Next – Hall 4

Stormy weather won’t rain on your style parade if you’re in an elegant Mycra pac raincoat!
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Jott – Who’s Next – Hall 4

Unwrap your rollable New Generation Jott puffa jacket to protect yourself against the cold! Practical, light and colourful, they easily adapt and fit into your bag.
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