We’ve been waiting for this moment all year long: the return of Who’s Next, IMPACT,  Bijorhca, and Riviera. The must-attend fashion event takes on the codes and colors of American college football and transforms Hall 1 into a stadium with a festive and musical atmosphere. The game is at its peak, but you can’t avoid the smell of hot dogs and burgers that are whetting your appetite.

After a long and intense confrontation between fashion, jewelry, and beauty teams, it’s time for you to take a well-deserved break and enjoy a good all-American meal (but we do have something for everyone) to continue watching the match. For half-time, you’ll find several restaurant offerings distributed inside the arena and a couple of food trucks on the outside.

Exterior food trucks

Le Trotter

Specialist in extra-large wraps


Happy Truck

Mac & cheese and American pastries

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Interior restaurants

La Place



My Burger

Classic burgers



Restaurant café,  snacks and French bakery


Japan Daily

Sushi and yakitori fast-food

Photo: Japan Daily

Photo: Japan Daily

L’Atelier des Lilas

Gluten-free dishes and cakes with natural ingredients


Monsieur Saucisse

French modern hot dogs