Impact is an initiative dedicated to eco-friendly fashion and design, and to all positive actions in fashion for the ecological transition of the market.

They create fashion collections without ever putting aside their eco-responsible values. For this next edition, IMPACT will reveal nuggets that combine style and innovation.



LOVE IS PROJECT founder Chrissie Lam traveled the world to hear the needs of local communities and saw an opportunity to partner with women artisans to create beautiful jewelry while empowering them and their families. 

Since its inception, LOVE IS PROJECT has reached over 2,000 women artisans and their families in areas of the world where women often struggle with marginalization, powerlessness and lack of education.

 To date, thousands of people in over 100 countries have worn Love Is Project bracelets. As we grow, we are expanding our production to include more artisan groups around the world. In addition to providing employment opportunities for artisans around the world and connecting consumers to their products, LOVE IS PROJECT donates to charities supporting local scholarships. 

CHRISSIE will host a LOVE IS PROJECT SHOP at the show 



WASTE AND SEA is repurposing marine litter by collaborating with SEAQUAL INITIATIVE, which cleans the world’s oceans to transform recovered marine litter into Upcycled Marine Plastic; a new, fully traceable raw material. 

SEAQUAL INITIATIVE is a unique collaborative community that works with ocean cleanup programs around the world to transform recovered marine waste into Upcycled Marine Plastic.  This material is made from bottles recovered from our oceans. Its resistance is very high, and associated with organic cotton, it ensures comfort and quality to our clothes. 

A garment that lasts is better…We are very attached to this durability. 



LIBERADD uses high quality Graphene fabric to create urban, chic, minimalist and avant-garde clothing.

All of their products are made with the Nobel Prize-winning Graphene nanomaterial, which is one of the most high-tech and practical materials available on the market.

Among its features are a natural antibacterial function, excellent air permeability, a strong antistatic effect and high UV A&B protection.

Some of its features include a natural antibacterial function, excellent air permeability, a strong antistatic effect, and strong UV A&B protection.



As a major player in the textile industry, from the collection and recycling of used clothing to the resale of second-hand items, the Emmaus movement continues to innovate in order to give new life to clothing and excluded people. The Emmaus Upcyclers Collective presents these upcycled ready-to-wear collections, made up of unique, creative pieces that promote solidarity values.

The members of the collective: les Résilientes, Atelier Regain , R/, les Surcyclés du Léopard, Patchworkers, les inventives d’Emma, Labbo de l’Abbé.



Nahuel Clothes, takes care to minimize the environmental impact as much as possible. To avoid overstocking and waste, all clothes are produced in limited edition and on pre-order: these are pieces that you will not see on everyone! In addition, the brand does not work with a collection system, preferring to regularly release new pieces according to the available fabrics and the inspiration of the moment.

Nahuel Clothes proposes clothes made in France to be as close as possible to the production and to reduce as much as possible the very strong impact of the manufacture of clothes on our planet. The models are therefore imagined and designed by the designer, then sent to be produced in workshops near Lyon.