Santa Monica beaches lead the way

Who’s Next and Riviera are combining their expertises to create a new area dedicated solely to swimwear, resortwear, beachwear and other essential summer accessories. 



Greek Archaic * Pearl & Caviar * Pain de Sucre * Kiwi Saint Tropez * Spektre * Batiche * Lilna Swimwear * Inoa  * Mah Collection * Liebe Anta * Leslie Sulman * Yippie Hippie* Antica Sartoria



Michelberger’s Fountain of Youth

Shut your eyes and imagine you are in paradise, on a beautiful beach enjoying a drink of coconut water, it is crisp and pure…

During the 4 days, Michelberger’s Fountain of Youth is offering a free drink of their quality coconut water, 100% fresh and additive free. 




Chez Simone

The Chez Simone team is offering you the chance to try surf fitness classes, surfing out of water, which is made possible by their ‘Toyboard’. There are classes everyday in Hall 2.2, in the central interactive area of Resort & Swimwear.