Celebrating its twentieth spring season, La Fée Maraboutée has captivated us once more with its new mini collection of decorative objects. Discover this selection of super fashionable mirrors, baskets and frames, made exclusively in collaboration with L’Etablisienne.

La Fée Maraboutée blows out twenty candles with l’Établisienne




To celebrate its 20 years, the ready-to-wear brand La Fée Maraboutée, who have been showing at the Who’s Next trade show for 10 years, have released a series of limited edition decorative objects in partnership with the Parisian workshop, L’Etablisienne. Made entirely by hand, the capsule collection seeks to draw attention to some of the fabrication techniques and traditional design processes that inspire the two brands, those like rattan, weaving and silkscreen printing.



An array of wicker sun mirrors, woven baskets and a series of three silkscreen wooden frames, the designs stand out with their feather patterns and graphic typography. Pieces are available in La Fée Maraboutée stores, which feel like real “boutique-apartments,” kitted out with carefully selected items of furniture.


Established in 2009, l’Établisienne is a space dedicated to design and creation. The workshop offers all the necessary tools for DIY furniture and interior objects, and it also creates beautiful decorations for exceptional collaborations. Its collaboration with La Fée Maraboutée was conceived with one particular idea in mind: to preserve the Fée Maraboutée passion for design and decoration.

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