On the occasion of the latest edition of 080 Barcelona, which took place 27th June to 1st July 2016, the blogger and accessories designer Anna Ponsa Lopez once again took on the roll of ambassador for the 8 Catalan brands showcasing at the event.

In partnership with Who’s Next & Premiere Classe, she devised a dynamic exhibition to run over the 5 days of the event, guided the fashion shows, exclusively presented, as well as doing preview showing for the 8 Catalan collections which can be discovered at the Paris trade shows in September…

This collaboration opens a new chapter in a long-standing relationship between the Spanish blogger and the Who’s Next & Premiere Classe trade shows.

Interview in Barcelona:

Can you tell us about the exhibition and its concept?

When Who’s Next suggested to me the idea, it appeared to me a real novelty to exhibit to the public the pieces that had just walked the catwalk a few minutes before. It’s an amazing opportunity to get closer to these unique and exclusive pieces, discovering their touch, cut, weight, secrets…

I have envisioned a sociable and open area, in keeping with the theme of the next edition of the trade shows: the Mediterranean.

Associating and contradicting colours through translucent coloured panels, the presence of plants and the creation of a dynamic space due to the use of clean construction materials for the architecture of the zone.

I wanted this space to be busy, just like fashion: everyday, a staged event adapted to the Catalan Spring/Summer 2017 collections of clothes and accessories, selected by me, backstage.

The brands have played along with: lending pieces not presented… which is, in my view, a guarantee of absolute trust. I love this relationship between the trade shows and their brands and this wanting to guide them outside of the exhibitions, on their own territory.

What’s more, the brands leave at the start of the buying season with photos of their clothing samples, which is brilliant! A real sales tool for their businesses!

And what about the Spring/Summer 2017 collections that you have discovered throughout the 080 event in Barcelona?

I feel very proud to be able to say that the brands that Who’s Next and Premiere Classe presented at 080 are well established. They propose very conceptual collections, a design and a quality which improves season after season. Furthermore, even though each brand is faithful to its own style, it is possible to notice a certain trend of materials, range of colours and sometimes types of garments.

My favourite this season has been the brand SSIC AND PAUL , which if I’m not mistaken, should be exclusively with FAME in September… An absolute must see!

Who’s Next and Premiere Classe believe in assisting the brands, which is evident with RITA ROW which was launched by the trade shows and is now selling internationally. Another example is CARLOTAOMS, the big winner from the competition for up and coming brands at 080 in January 2016, now Who’s Next invites them for a second time.


Can you explain your role as Catalan fashion ambassador throughout these past years and why it is so important to you? What are your thoughts on Catalan fashion?

For my first experience as Spanish ambassador for Who’s Next and Premiere Classe, I was a complete novice. I had been extremely surprised by the professionalism of the trade show, the selection of brands, the services offered to the buyers, the exposure generated and the international projection that it provides.

I went to meet the designers in order to get a better understanding of their visions, try their collections, select the best pieces and do a photo shoot of all my favourite looks.
This was the start of a close relationship with the trade shows through which I am very proud to support the Catalan and Spanish brands. This opportunity allows me to get to know and work more efficiently with them.

Catalonia has always played a very important role in the textile industry which had moments of weakness in the mid 20th century. It’s important to acknowledge its contribution, highlighting the technical expertise of its factories and workshops and its popularity with designers of a current and international vision.

Catalonia is driving this shift between traditional and modern textiles: sita murt and Yerse are perfect examples.

What can you tell us about your direct collaboration with the brand Pena Jewels? How did this collaboration come about? What has your experience been like with the trade show Premiere Classe and what projects do you have at the moment with the brand?

Ah yes, it’s funny! It was during my first involvement with Who’s Next and Premiere Classe, as Catalan brands ambassador, that I had the pleasure of getting to know a company which I really admire; Pena Jewels.

It was such a lovely meeting, it’s all about people first, then work. Maria proposed to me the idea of collaborating in order to create a capsule collection, with the aim to develop 11 pieces inspired by an architectural detail from the work of Carlo Scarpa… This collaboration has been a sacred adventure and a great success, especially with the Asian market and a special thanks has to be said to Premiere Classe, where the pieces were previewed. United Arrows have made purchases for all their boutiques!

What is your opinion on the role of bloggers in the fashion world and how do you see the progression of this profession?

When asked this question, I always respond that I belong to a small group of girls and boys who started a blog as a web space for sharing our favourite things. It is a hobby that I am passionate about; just an intimate space where I wanted to share: fashion, architecture, photography, art, design and lifestyle.

In 2010, after a short time and reconciled with my architecture studies, this converted into a profession that was completely new to me. In my case, the progression has been positive with the support of my agency, Okiko Talents, who are always loyal, keeping me grounded whilst fulfilling my dream every day.

It is true that with the take over of social media, there are more and more people who want to follow it as a career. I believe that in many cases we have lost the innocence and purity and only time will tell the future for this profession. For me, in this sense, I have never stopped working to create quality content. I believe that this is essential.

Are there any other new projects?

More recently, I launched my new website, created by the studio Naranjo—Etxeberría and next year I am going to do a masters in photography at the school EFTI in Madrid that I will balance with my travels and my different projects.

Can you explain the concept of your “Boudoir” within the FAME area at Who’s Next?

I was very touched when they asked me to share my ”Boudoir” with the visitors. I feel very fortunate and I have decided to unveil everything there. It will be an area created by myself, where it will be possible to see the pieces like never before. I don’t want to reveal anything else as very soon you can discover it for yourself…

This season, 130 Spanish brands, including 35 Catalan brands, will be exhibiting at the Porte de Versailles.

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