In the world of comics, creating characters and then a variety of products alongside them, has become a common pop culture phenomenon. But developing a character to help emerging fashion designers to launch their own collections, is the crazy challenge taken on by the character Jean-Louis and his platform. 

The rockstar and biker, Jean-Louis was abducted by aliens in 1982 and returned to earth with a new idea: to promote young designers everywhere. Jean-Louis is a visionary project developing a series of comics, a disco and presentation venue in Paris, a saloon and a brasserie of artisanal organic beers in the South of France all under the same name.


“Jean-Louis La Nuit” is a 600m2 polymorphic area, inspired by Cesar Manrique’s architecture and equipped with a high quality sound system. An exposition, a drugstore and a nightclub all at once, “Jean-Louis La Nuit” offers designers a place to showcase their work. Fashion, art, design and music are all honoured here. From Wednesday to Saturday (6pm-4am), “Jean-Louis La Nuit” is committed to helping people discover new designers, raising people’s awareness and inciting the public to dream again. 

“Jean-Louis La Nuit” is also a showroom and a retail space used to give young designers more visibility in the industry. 

To support emerging talent and to give them a new perspective, Jean-Louis has organised a collaborative system by financing the production of exclusive pieces chosen by a selection committee. 

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