Girl gangs, female collectives, new businesswomen and creative female teams… Women are successfully establishing their creative power and seizing control of the cultural, social and business scenes.
As girl gangs inspire us and shake up fashion lines, Who’s Next is inviting girl groups to the heart of their January 2017 edition: with a selection of exclusive brands and pop-up stores, guest influencers, a music programme, a unique scenography…

Here is the Q&A by Agar Agar, the
 live band of the opening party on Jan 20th at #wsn17!

Agar Agar - CREDITS Irwin Barb (3)Name, age, city?
Clara Cappagli, 24 years old, French, living in Paris
Armand Bushel, 25 years old, Corbières

What are your hobbies?
Art, Music and having a good time.

What are the origins of the name of your group?
From food- if you see E406 in the list of ingredients of your delicious Picard ready-meal, that means that it contains the thickening agent Agar-agar, which is derived from plants. The wikipedia page is very informative.

What is the highlight of your job?
Concerts. Every time we do a public appearance it’s wonderful. Performing in front a crowd of people who have all come to dance and listen to the music they like, it’s without a doubt the best feeling that comes with the job.  No, that’s a lie, the best part is definitely receiving our paycheck; as anybody would agree.

What is your favorite place in Paris?
The Eiffel Tower, of course! And the gutters, we love the smell of sick.

Agar Agar - CREDITS Irwin Barb (7)What is your biggest dream?
To be able to fly like a dove. Armand has another, bigger dream: to one day become a banker. You never know- you’ve got to have faith!

What is the worst thing your parents ever forced you to wear?
Armand: An itchy blue woolen hat, to stop me from getting ill. I still got ill.
Clara:  I voluntarily wore hideous clothes, my parents didn’t help me.

What are your 3 favourite instagram accounts?
@subwaycreatures, @claudiamate, @chloewise_

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