Fanny Dheygere is the designer to watch this 2016. Causing a stir at the January 2016 edition of Who’s Next, her brand NINII attracted heaps of attention with its light humour, pop colours and high-quality construction.


Ninii goes where nobody else dares to, bringing us designs that refuse to adhere to traditional fashion codes.




Ninii collections go down well with a pinch of irony, originality and healthy portion of joie de vivre. Ninii hijacks everyday items and transforms them into statement pieces. With cooked ham prints on dresses, sweatshirts finished with embroidered french fries and tops paying tribute to sausages, this is a brand that plays with hedonist pleasures, enjoying the all the little treats that life has to offer.

The Ninii ethos: anything that is joyful, out-dated or edible can be printed, embroidered or woven ad infinitum into our designs. Ninii restores the image of trivial beauty and works this creative spirit into each and every design.

Playing mostly with pattern, Ninii welcomes all of life’s pleasures (and especially those gastronomic) into its indulgent fashion world. Defined by its simple and elegant shapes and styling, the lines are largely inspired by sportswear collections. Ninii patterns and prints are the point at which a love of food meets high-quality design and materials, like cotton, washed silk and neoprene.


And for all those seeking to shake up their own wardrobes at home, Ninii has you in mind: the patterns used in its collections are also available as individual badges and patches for you to sew or iron onto your favourite garments and accessories.

With a strong desire to support business activity in Northern France, Ninii is committed to locally manufacturing all of its clothes and badges. Far from becoming industrialised, the brand produces its designs in small series, and refusing authority from anybody else, Ninii calls the shots on all aspects of the brand image, thumbing its nose at “gendered” marketing. In Ninii’s design world, there is no such thing as “Summer/Winter” or “Male/Female” collections; all garments are unisex and can be worn all year round.


Who’s behind Ninii ?

Ninii’s artistic director, Fanny Dheygere, earned her stripes working for 4 years in the fashion accessories and jewellery industry in Paris, and then as an assistant artistic director. She also worked alongside Anne Gelbard in silkscreen prints and textile creation for luxury sector brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Bruno Frisoni, thus complementing her in-depth experience with insight into the fashion and textiles industry.

Over the course of 7 years, these varied and interdisciplinary experiences allowed Fanny to fully appreciate all of the aspects of textile design. Today, the designer has launched her own brand Ninii, during which adventure she has moved closer to her favourite things in life: fashion and hedonistic pleasures.