From New York to London and Milan, it’s now over to the City of Light to live the rhythm of Haute Couture Fashion Week, next Tuesday 3rd to 7th July. A site of real historical importance in the world of design and the shining light of French fashion,  is Paris still the fashion capital of the world?

Paris is the envy of the world

Fashion Week is kicking off this Tuesday 3rd July 2016, a bi-annual industry rendez-vous that has been welcoming visitors since 1973. Along with New York, London and Milan, Paris Fashion Week is one of the 4 biggest week-long runway events in the world. Both haute couture and ready-to-wear fashion contribute to the country’s standing, but as each of the capitals go head-to-head this season, can we still say that Paris, a centre of refinement and elegance, is the fashion capital of the world?

Even though French haute couture has seen a decline in economic activity and is only able to gather professional clients in their hundreds, those that do make the journey from all four corners of the globe continue to rush off to runway shows or other events in Paris, where designers from the world over really come to life.

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For many, Paris is well and truly the fashion capital of the world. Compared to other capitals, Paris is uniquely international with its vast range of international brands and designers, all of whom go home with that prestigious visiting card. Fashion is truly part of French heritage.

Further, haute couture fashion is a strictly Parisian export. No other country can boast such skilful dressmakers and high-end labels. The City of Light is a central hub of international fashion and its status has only been confirmed over the years, after welcoming thousands of talents from the world over and sending them home with new-found fame and prosperity.