Affekt was founded by Danish Creative Director Marianne Beck in 2018. The concept: design original and unique clothing by combining a basic sweatshirt with a vintage piece.


inside-closet-affekt-1Marianne, tell us a bit about yourself. What was your background before Affect?
I grew up in Denmark. After college, I studied at art school. But for me, art was a little too liberal, so I decided to shift towards graphic design, a subject which is both artistic and structured, since there are clients and solutions to be found. I was accepted into Ravensbourne University in London and then I completed my course at Penninghen in Paris. I fell in love with Paris (and a Frenchman!) and I stayed there. I’ve been working as a Creative Director and freelance Graphic Designer for 13 years now.


How was Affekt created?
I love my job and my projects, but I always have to compromise with clients, which can be frustrating at times – so this pushed me to create my own project. I am passionate about the fashion industry and designing clothes, and I had been searching for a good idea for a personal project for years. My love for vintage gave me the idea. Affekt was born: a 100% organic grey sweatshirt customised with vintage pieces, meaning that each piece is unique, giving a second life to vintage clothing. Each piece is made with love by hand in Paris.


inside-closet-affekt-12How do you build a new collection?
I start by visiting my favourite vintage boutiques. Then, I begin designing the pieces. I try to create different pieces: I often seek to make contrasts and to use clothing in original or surprising ways, with the idea to create something that is streetwear yet elegant.


What is your favourite piece from this season?
Affekt doesn’t work with SS and AW seasons, but I create new pieces all the time: I’m specialised in making sweatshirts that can be worn both in summer and winter!
I like to mix different pieces, like for example model no.11 which combines the sleeves of a vintage cycling jacket with multicoloured and iconic lines and the pockets of a work jacket.


This year will be your first time at the Who’s Next trade show… what are your expectations?
I hope to meet interesting people, promote Affekt and find boutiques who might be interested in my clothing.


inside-closet-affekt-5Are you planning to exhibit a new product at the Who’s Next trade show?
Affekt is simultaneously a collection with unique creations, as well as lines limited to 50, 100 or 200 pieces. But also the screenprinted “basic” collection. I designed three new pieces for Who’s Next.


Do you have any upcoming projects?
I’m going to continue working on Affekt, creating more original and exciting pieces. And I’ll probably start expanding to markets abroad.


Interview in collaboration with Inside Closet. Read the full article here.