Girl gangs, female collectives, new businesswomen and creative female teams… Women are successfully establishing their creative power and seizing control of the cultural, social and business scenes.
As girl gangs inspire us and shake up fashion lines, Who’s Next is inviting girl groups to the heart of their January 2017 edition: with a selection of exclusive brands and pop-up stores, guest influencers, a music programme, a unique scenography…
Here is the Q&A by a fashion #girlsquad exhibiting in the Trendy area of #wsn17 this January!

portraitninii-001-copieAge, Gender, City?
My name is Fanny Dheygere, I’m from Lille and I’m 30 years old.

How was your #girlsquad created?
From the strong desire to create a free woman, in her mind as well as her body. The NINII squad is made up of uncomplicated girls, who are cool and don’t take themselves too seriously.

What does a #girlsquad mean to you?
Girls who look out for each other and support one another.

What is your background? 
When I was 15 I integrated the Ecole des Arts Appliqués et Textile de Roubaix. After I received my baccalauréat and a masters in textile creation, I went to live in Barcelona in order to specialise in textile silkscreen printing whilst getting my fashion degree from the fashion school Massana. Then I started to work as a stylist for brands like La Redoute and 3 Suisses. Then I lived in Paris in order to renew my first passion for silkscreen printing whilst working alongside Anne Gelbard in her workshop in the 11th arrondissement for brands such as ChanelLouis VuittonI also worked as an artistic direction assistant for a Parisian accessories brand.

14550612_10211045128063516_488343686_oWhat is the origin of your brand’s name?
It’s from my first name, Fanny and its my nickname! It’s quite childish but I like it!

Why did you choose this industry?
I have always loved art, especially fabrics.

What do you like most about your job?
Being free to do what I want! I like working with the material, motifs and volumes.

What are your thoughts about fashion today? On the French and international scene?
I find today’s fashion very varied and accessible. You can find beautiful pieces for reasonable prices. The diversity is stronger than ever before, women dress in men’s clothes and vice versa. It’s not hard to find a girl wearing a fur jacket with trainers and baggy tracksuit bottoms. It’s these types of mixes that I like.

Why are you exhibiting at Whos Next?
Because it enables me to reach out to a large clientele in France as well as abroad. It’s always such a good atmosphere there!

What are your projects for 2017?
To develop the brand online and increase the points of sale. I especially want to make the brand known in Asia, I’m certain that I have potential customers there!

Would you like to do any collaborations in the future?
Yes, always! I think that it’s really important to do collaborations. I regularly collaborate for events with Audrey Dhyvert, from the collective Passe-moi l’sel Chérie. I also like to collaborate with people from different industries, dancers and singers for example!

tryptiqueWhat are your inspirations?
My fridge! The street! In London for example, just observing people walking down the street is enough to inspire me. I also like to use the app Pinterest, I can spend hours on it.

What is your favourite place in Paris?

Evenings spent dancing at la Java, rue du Faubourg du temple, the Palais de Tokyo, the secondhand shops in the Marais.

What is your biggest dream?
The freedom of women all over the world.

Who are your fashion icons?
Cara Delevingne because she has Bacon tattooed on the bottom of her foot and that inspired me to create Salami jackets (do you have her contacts?  🙂 ). Lady Gaga for her madness.

What are your 3 favourite Instagram accounts?
– The awesome food gifs by the collective Lazy Mom.
– The beautiful photos by ToiletPaper magazine.
– The fantasy jewellery creations by Shouroukthat I just think are amazing!

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