Girl gangs, female collectives, new businesswomen and creative female teams… Women are successfully establishing their creative power and seizing control of the cultural, social and business scenes.
As girl gangs inspire us and shake up fashion lines, Who’s Next is inviting girl groups to the heart of their January 2017 edition: with a selection of exclusive brands and pop-up stores, guest influencers, a music programme, a unique scenography…

Here is the Q&A by A
udrey Castel Oster and Constance de Bosredon, a #girlsquad exhibiting in the STUDIO area, Hall 4 of #wsn17 this January!



How was your #girlsquad created?
It was created through our friendship which came about due to our collaboration within different businesses in fashion and music!

What is your profession?
With Flowerness we create seasonal flower bouquets and we select the best craftsmen in France in order to make them so that we can deliver them to you in the best condition.

What does a #girlsquad mean to you?
A group of girls who aren’t afraid to take action 😉

What is your background?
We come from the worlds of music and fashion. This background influences everything that we do in our new profession. For example our bouquets are named after song titles!

What is the origin of your brand’s name?
Flowerness means “The quality of being a flower”. The name Flowerness was not chosen by accident, the site was conceived around the flower and only the flower. The website recreates the same happy feeling as when walking around a florist. An enthusiast or a complete novice, everyone can find happiness there!


Why did you choose this industry?
Flowers transmit such positive and inspirational messages. They thrive from all the arts and areas of industry: fine art, fashion, music, décor, health etc… At the moment not a single website puts the flower – in all its forms – at the centre of its offer. This is what we aim to do!

What are your projects for 2017?
We would like to expand the Flowerness services to more cities in France and in Europe as well as create pretty seasonal creations, and provide flowers for fashion, cultural and pop-up events!

Would you like to do any collaborations in the future?
With a musician who the both of us love…  PJ harvey, why not!

What are your inspirations?
We love lots of the work by florists such as The Flower Appreciation Society and Amy Merrick. It goes without saying that the florists of the Flowerness network inspire us immensely, we have created true links with them.


What is your favourite place in Paris?
There are so many! But if we have to choose one then it would have to be the little garden of the Musée de la Vie Romantique

What is your biggest dream?
In regards to Flowerness it would be to join dance and flowers together: provide flowers for a ballet and do a collaboration with a top dancer or choreographer.

What are your 3 favourite Instagram accounts?
@lamusadelasflores, @
thejungalow, @irisdemouy

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