Girl gangs, female collectives, new businesswomen and creative female teams… Women are successfully establishing their creative power and seizing control of the cultural, social and business scenes.

As girl gangs inspire us and shake up fashion lines, Who’s Next is inviting girl groups to the heart of their January 2017 edition: with a selection of exclusive brands and pop-up stores, guest influencers, a music programme, a unique scenography…



How was your #girlsquad created?
My squad consists of women who I’ve met in different periods of my life; especially my cousin, my best friend who I’ve known since I was a teenager and my professional soul-mate.

What is your profession?
I am the cofounder of Mermaid Express, a touring second-hand shop and a creator for instant sparkles! It’s a travelling thrift shop currently in the form of a pop-up store which will end up becoming a mobile shop after acquiring the truck of our dreams in 2017. In order to spread a little more of our positive energy and to keep our exposure, we have started to organise events and now festivals contact us in order to collaborate with them to bring that sweet touch in the form of artistic direction.   

What does a #girlsquad mean to you?
It’s a grouping of independent and confident girls who thrive from one another’s dynamism and positive energy and who support each other in order to achieve together and without competition.

What is your background?
My journey is anarchic. I left school very early on. At one point I studied styling but I didn’t feel comfortable within the education system that hadn’t worked for me. I travelled a lot in order to expand my horizons. My objectives have matured, changed and evolved over the many years / many projects that I’ve done. I quickly came to the conclusion that I couldn’t work for other people other than myself, therefore naturally I had the desire to start doing my own thing even though this decision terrified me. It took me time to understand that we all have some kind of fear and that if you don’t try, you have nothing to risk and therefore you will never have the chance to be successful. 

What is the origin of your brand’s name?
I had been inspired by India thanks to the film by Wes Anderson, Darjeeling Limited, I wanted a name that evoked femininity but also mobility.

What do you like most about your job?
Nissa. My business partner. She allows me to create everything I envision. With her I feel free to do what I what. She doesn’t restrain me and supports me where ever I go, even all the way to Venus if necessary!

What are your thoughts about fashion today? On the French and international scene.
I must admit that I don’t know all that much about the international scene but I am surrounded by young promising designers that I have lots of hope for and I am proud to see them evolve: the incredible watches by Fob Paris, and my favourite brand Exocet created by my talented friends Morning and Yasmine.


 Would you like to do any collaborations in the future?
We are always up for collaborations! Everyday we are looking for girls with the same professional vision as us, regardless of the industry they’re in, to join our journey at any given moment. The next collaboration will be with Agathe Pelisson who is in the middle of launching a really great girl power online magazine: le Deli Paris Club
What are your inspirations?

Femininity! Now and always!

What is your favourite place in Paris?
On the quay of the Notre-Dame, opposite one of the rose windows, the exact place where as a child I used to go with my mum wearing a long dress, large hoop earrings and long loose dark hair, in hommage to Esmeralda and wave to the tourists on the bateaux-mouches tour boats.


What is your biggest dream?
So it’s very simple: to have a big house in the heart of Paris or another cool city, it doesn’t really matter as long as I’m living with all my best friends. Each person would have their own bedroom but we would share a large lounge which could convert into a workshop where we would develop our projects, we would raise our kids together and cook heart-shaped crêpes every morning.

Who are your fashion icons?
Gwen Stefani dans les 90’s !


What is the latest item that you have added to your wardrobe?
A vinyl mini 70s skirt which sometimes, without me knowing, tends to rise up and show off my bum!


What are your 3 favourite Instagram accounts?
psychoticbutt, the account for all things to do with butts, of which I’m the official agent!
toujours_sous_homardsmy boyfriend’s account who is a talented graffiti artist
and the account for themermaidexpress, of course !!!

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