Lingerie, stationery, linens, home decor and everyday accessories are intertwined in our Inside area. A sector dedicated to the art of living and design, which exudes a warm and cocooning atmosphere. An atmosphere enhanced by our partner Mezzanine, with a concept-store and ateliers that are a must-see !


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 Partner : Mezzanine

image (4)A cavern of marvellous handmade crafts: linens, flowers, cushions, dishes, fragrances. Pieces which are simple in appearance, with poetry in the details. Balanced and comfortable interiors. Mezzanine also hosts temporary artist and artisans exhibitions, who put their soul into their work…. creating the future !

Discover the concept store which is being welcomed exclusively to the INSIDE area for the very first time: take away your favourite pieces and enjoy a programme filled with DIY ateliers, over the 4 days.

 Discover our new brand

Jamini Paris

284Jamini-Barbes_re_finalThe brand offers a window into Indian culture and its skilled artisans, capable of dialoguing effortlessly with contemporary French chic to create a modern and quality-driven esthetic. This creates a harmony of color and patterns that is all the more beautiful because of its endeavor to put the spotlight on the ingenuity of men and women passionate about their land and their craft.