In between a meeting and a conference, take the time to discover our exclusive food spots !




Krispy Korean Chicken 


Golden crispy and savoury fried chicken

Food truck located outside in front of Hall 6 



Since 2015, Cheesers has revisited the traditional famous American Grilled Cheese with a french touch, paradise in a bite to all cheese lovers! 

Food truck located outside in front of Hall 6 


Japan Daily 


Sushi, Chirashi, Poke bowl and more are on the menu .

Located in front of hall 5.1 – central catering area in front of stands C4 and C35 and in Hall 6 – in front of stand Q78 and R75 


Super Wild Coffee 


Coffee and snacks to get you through the day.

Located  hall 5.1 – in front of stands G31 and G27 




Gastronomy for everyone! Boco was founded in 2011 by Vincent Ferniot and his brother and they propose dishes imagined by Michelin star chefs and award winning pastry chefs.

Located in hall 5.2 – catering area at the back of the hall in front of stand H29



Paul est une marque française de magasins, restaurants et salons de thé proposant pains, viennoiseries, sandwichs et pâtisseries.

Situé dans le hall 5.2 en face des stands N36 et P233 & Hall 6 – en face du Pumptrack et stand Q32 




Since 1989, Lina’s has been creating traditional and simple recipes from all around the world with a twist!

Located in hall 5.2 – in front of stand N84


Wild and the moon 


Local, seasonal and biologic products issued from a sustainable trade promoting biodiversity.

Wild and the moon offers a selection of cold-pressed juices, vegetable drinks, salads, soups, desserts, super-bowls and snacks to stay on a healthy diet.

Located in the catering area of Hall 6 in front of S91 



Focaccia and pasta straight from Italy. 

Located in hall 6 – in front of stands X04 and Y04 


Our partner present to you tasteful discoveries :


Abeille Française 


Enjoy a sweet time at Abeille Française and discover their honey in different flavors.

Located in hall 5.2, in the Villa Beauté space

WhatsApp Image 2022-01-06 at 19.24.11



Get ready to travel with Dynastea’s exotic tea and infusion flavours issued from bio agriculture.

Located in hall 5.2, in the Villa Beauté space




Drop by Drop


As part of the WSN X Drop by Drop, limited edition water bottles will be distributed for free at every stand starting 9:30am .

75% of their water bottles are made out of renewable materials, Drop by Drop guarantees a pure water free of microplastics. 

Deck-_-Donohue-Maison-Maison-albindurandDeck & Donohue


Certified organic beers, Deck & Donohue are both socially and environmentally engaged and available on our bars! 

OriginalSizeJPEG-MUMM_BRAND BLOCK_CMYK_fondnoirMumm


The only way to an apéro is to have Mumm at the table with its fresh and fruity taste.

Available on the bars of our halls. 




Bewiz is the new cocktail in a can! A sparkling alcoholic and fruity drink that goes perfectly in your hands. 

Available on the bars of our halls and on the Pumptrack space. 



Suze Tonic 0%


Suze tonic is back with its bittersweet taste and is now alcohol free !

Available on the bars of our halls and on the Pumptrack space. 

20210616 WAKAZE Summer Sales 6 Bottles - Refined



Premier Saké artisanal Français, « La brise du Japon » vous fait découvrir des cuvées alliant savoir-faire Français X Japonais.

Located in front of hall 6, in the Fashion Scene  space in front of the VIP Capture_d_ecran_2021-09-14_a_16.54.14_1006x


Chilled is a sparkling CBD water produced in France as the solution to daily stress and anxiety. produite en France comme un remède au stress du quotidien et à l’anxiété.

Located in front of hall 6, in the Fashion Scene  space in front of the VIP 


Alcohol consumption harms your health, to consume with moderation.