The trend hunter agency Martine Leherpeur Conseil decoded the Fall/Winter 2016-17 trends that were showcased in January 2016.

Have a sneak preview of winter’s big trends !

Trends F/W 2016-17 : freedom, but under tight surveillance

If the previous season inspired poetry, sweetness and surges of optimism, Fall/Winter 2016-17 brought three totally different vibes. Although more guttural and radical and wild, these trends (sketched by Martine Leherpeur) blend nostalgia for the past with bold styles and material-mixing. The dark/trash trend explodes into a rainbow of Technicolor hues.
This season, we escaped reality by blurring the norm.
We left the present behind with the Western Bikers who fought the winter season with their urban neocowboy style, the Pop Gamers who see life through the ’80s, 2D, pixels and color blocks, and the No-Go Zoners who reinvent Soviet styles and trends from a different time and space. Bon voyage to all!

Western Bikers – The Wild Ride


The Western Bikers like it rough. A mix of Far West riders and ’90s bikers, their models are tough guys, hard rockers and rebels with a cause. A hardcore mix of genres and materials gives these urban cowboys a touch which is vintage, yet timeless, and comfortable to boot. Raw, rough materials are matched with cutting-edge fabrics, hats are wide-brimmed, à la Pharrell, and eyes are dark, almost Gothic. The look features dark, mysterious silhouettes in loose fabrics, for those who not afraid to strut their stuff, and are preferably tattooed.

Technique: mix of natural (leather, suede, denim…) and hi-tech materials (nylon, rubberized fabrics…)

Style: layering (like a combo over a down jacket), rubber-reinforced boots, sporty touches, chunky silver jewelry, ’90s hard-rock band prints.

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Pop Gamer – Game Boys and Girls


The ’80s and their passion for video games, pixels and Happy House beats invades the closet. Enthusiastic, playful, with a keen eye for graphics, the Pop Gamer loves pixelated prints, clean-edged forms, references to Pop Art and Space, or rather, Space Invaders. Carefree, the Pop Gamer is far from shy and delights in bold, brash color: clean, crisp, vibrant. Codes and logos are parodied: irony becomes second nature. But most importantly, everything is as playful, fun, and light-hearted as a pixel.

Technique: embossed, solid or rainbow patterns, subverted logos and optical-illusion prints.

Style: asymmetrical skirts, dress pants, colour-block coats, techno shoes worn with colourful socks.
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No-Go Zoners – Ruski Ravers


Suavely scruffy, the No-Go Zoner looks he’s just stumbled out of a Soviet rave. His who-cares sweat pants, XXXL hoodie and tousled hair declare war on straight-laced, uptight fashion and style. His thing is to scout out the unusual and the unexplored and make it his own. He can carry off trashy, mix-matched, and shapeless clothes with incredible style because he fully embraces the “no pressure” fashion mindset. Underground style reasserts itself with sheer audacity… Make of it what you will: he really couldn’t care less.

Technique: kitsch patches, sweat suits and shiny fabric, or neon-bright piping.

Style : Bombers, sneakers, pants tucked into socks, Soviet touches.
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